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  • "There will always be a rainbow after the rain..."


    The Promise Stacker name is inspired from the bible wherein the rainbow is a sign of God's promise of hope to people. It has 6 chunky pieces that are perfect for little hands to play with and as versatile as other open ended toys. These are also compatible with our 4cm base blocks sets such as the WON blocks, Virtues sets, Arch blocks, Stairs, Slides, Flats, Castle set, etc.


    Since all of our products are handmade, all item is unique. The actual product that you will purchase may not be exactly the same as the ones in the photos due to wood individuality.



    Approx. 27 (L) x 4.5 (W) x 13.5 (H) cm

    The Promise Stacker - Monochrome

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