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Thank you for visiting our website! You are here because of course, you love open-ended wooden toys! And you may want to know the people behind your Sereni-toys! :)


We collectively call ourselves "Sereni-Team" as we are truly a team of family members with a passion on woodworking that has been passed down through generations. It is so amazing to think how skills of any kind can be inherited by our children and can be used to contribute for a brighter future!

Serenitoys Team


A Dream and a Prayer

Serenitoys is a family-run brand of handmade wooden toys with a passion to bring serenity through toys. Started in May 2020, a DIY mom of three turned a hobby into a business - which in turn what brought Serenitoys together. Our team keeps on growing: I am Celine and I do the administrative, painting, and packing duties; Ross, my girl cousin who assists me with everything; Nats who is my husband, Marvin, my boy cousin, are the ones behind the woodwork. The passion for wooden things, we believe are rooted from our grandfathers who are both woodworkers. We are also a home-schooling family which we love and enjoy doing.

We believe that play time is an invaluable gift that we can give to our children. Toys as we know are enjoyable, it also has a big part in our children's learning development as they discover their skills through open ended play. We create toys with the hope that these be a part of every household family memories not just for the little ones but for adults as well.

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