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  • Our new KOMBI is every little traveler's dream come true! It's made to recreate holiday spirit for your little one's play space. Handcrafted and made of premium & sustainably-sourced pine wood, we can assure you that this will entertain your little one for hours on end, stimulating their creativity and allowing them to maximize their imagination.  What's more is that it is non-toxic and child-safe! 


    The new design is made bigger and thicker from our previous designs. You'll appreciate the details of this toy car especially the cute surfboard on top!


    Since all of our products are handmade, all item is unique. The actual product that you will purchase may not be exactly the same as the ones in the photos due to wood individuality. There may be slight differences in the colors or shapes but we try our best to create as similar as we can.



    16 x 9 x 8.5cm


    Note: Small parts not suitable for children under 3 years of age. 

    New Kombi

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