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  • Introducing a great addition to your open ended toys, our ASHTON CUBE set. With this, your kids can build towers, count, sort colors, accessorize their small worlds, etc. The only limit is their IMAGINATION!


    These cubes are carefully cut, sanded, painted and sealed to be perfect for the little ones’ grip. The colours are based on rainbow colours ROYGBV which is also available in NATURAL WOOD,  FROSTED and MONOCHROME colours. Each set comes with 5 cubes per color - a total of 30 pieces per set! It comes with a beautifully carved wavy box specially created for this set. This ASHTON CUBES is a great startup for open-ended toys and will surely be a home favourite!


    Since all of our products are handmade, all item is unique. The actual product that you will purchase may not be exactly the same as the ones in the photos due to wood individuality. There may be slight differences in the colors or shapes but we try our best to create as similar as we can.


    Dimensions: LWH - 3cm

    Case: 10cm x 10cm

    Ashton Cubes

    PriceFrom AU$50.00
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